Steak and Shake Nutrition Facts and Available Menu

Steak and Shake Nutrition Facts and Available Menu – Steak and Shake or famously known as Steak ‘n Shake is a casual restaurant chain providing fast food in the US. Though it concentrated primarily in the Midwest, customers can find this popular restaurant throughout the states as well as Europe and Middle East. The restaurant specializes on fast food with steakburger as its prominent menu item. How about Steak and Shake nutrition?

Some people might doubt the nutrition contained in each menu choice served by Steak ‘n Shake restaurant. Despite the fast food label it receives, you can find a variety of healthy food items. They may be not specifically designed to follow healthy diet. And yet, you can figure out the nutrition facts contained in each menu option to help you place order.

Steak and Shake Nutrition Facts and Available Menu

Before all, it is important to note that each menu may vary according to the location of the restaurant. It means the nutrition contained by the food may vary as well. The following nutrition facts and menu options are for Steak ‘n Shake in Florida. Make sure to check on the website before placing an order.

  1. Original Steakburger


Steak and Shake Nutrition Facts and Available Menu

Being the most prominent food item served by the restaurant, Steakburger is originally made from a combination of several ingredients including sirloin, T-bone, and round steaks. Steak ‘n Shake offers a variety of Steakburger with different sides and ingredients. This, of course, affects the nutrition contained in each variant.

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If you are following a low-calorie diet, you may opt Cheddar Cheesy Double Steakburger. This menu option contains 80 calories, 53.03 fat, 35.06 carbohydrate, and 46.07 protein. Meanwhile, Jalapeno Crunch Steakburger gives you 70 calories, 44.05 fat, 54.05 carbohydrate, and 25.06 protein. Or else, Meat Lovers Double Steakburger is also nice as it contains 70 calories, 44.05 fat, 44.05 carbohydrate, and 30 protein.

The least nutritious steakburger is 7×7 Steakburger. This food item contains 1333.99 calories, 98.10 fat, 34.05 carbohydrate, and 74.05 protein. Another less nutritious menu option is Cajun Double Steakburger that offers 870 calories, 63.04 fat, 37.08 carbs, and 37.8 protein.

  1. Classic Melts


The American Steak ‘n Shake also has Classic Melts on their menu lists. Most of its variants, however, are high in calories and fat. But if you crave for one of Steak ‘n Shake’s Classic Melts, you can order All American Melt. This dish contains 90 calories, 65 fat, 35 carb, and 39 protein.

  1. Sandwiches

Steak and Shake Nutrition Facts and Available Menu

The restaurant that opens 24 hours provide all day menu including breakfast. Sandwich becomes one of best choices to start your day. Despite most of its sandwiches are high in calories, you may need to save half for later. Among available sandwich menu options, the most nutritious one is Grilled Chicken Sandwich. The dish contains 370 calories, 12 fat, 51 carbohydrate, and 25 protein.

As alternative, you can also choose Chicken Fingers that gives 370 calories, 20 fat, 26 carb, and 21 protein. Bacon, Lettuce, ‘n Tomato Sandwich is also tolerable with 380 calories, 18 fat, 40 carb, and 14 protein.

  1. Genuine Chili

One of favorites at Steak ‘n Shake is Genuine Chili that comes with several variants. As it contains high calories, you may opt for chili dish served in a cup instead of a large bowl. If you want to feel the sensation of Midwest dishes, Chili Cup should be sufficient to satisfy your cravings.

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Chili Cup at Steak ‘n Shake restaurant contains 440.48 calories, 24 fat, 38 carbohydrate, and 20 protein. Or else, you may opt for Chili Mac Supreme that offers 180 calories, 52 fat, 19 carb, and 44 protein. The less nutritious option is Chili 5-Way served over spaghetti that contains 1172 calories, 63 fat, 99 carbohydrate, and 53 protein.

  1. Sides

There are plenty of sides to enjoy at Steak ‘n Shake. You can choose at least one side for an entrée, but you need to make sure the sides don’t increase the calories and fat significantly. When it comes to sides, Parmesan Cheese ‘n Herbs Fresh Cut Fries can be ordered. This food item comes in a small size and contains 30 calories, 18 fat, 31 carb, and 4 protein.

How about trying Chili Cheese Fries? The regular size offers 80 calories, 47 fat, 81 carb, and 18 protein. The highest calories is provided by Large Onion Rings that contain 880 calories, 50 fat, 95 carbohydrate, and 13 protein. Make sure not to choose this side as it can make your calories intake sky-rocketing.

Breakfast, Dessert, and Beverage

Steak ‘n Shake serves a wide array of menu choices when it comes to breakfast. Many entrees are available and you can opt for the right sides to meet your need. The casual restaurant also provides a variety of desserts to satisfy your sweet tooth.

  1. Breakfast

Sandwiches, biscuits, eggs, and cheese are favorite food items for breakfast. You can also order some kinds of sides such as sausage, bacon, and hash browns. The most nutritious breakfast choice is Kid’s scrambled egg with sausage and toast. This contains 30 calories, 19 fat, 16 carbohydrate, and 13 protein.

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But if you can tolerate more calories, Portobello and Swiss Skillet will do. This food item serves 120 calories, 83 fat, 28 carbohydrate, and 36 protein.

  1. Dessert

Steak and Shake Nutrition Facts and Available Menu

Are you craving for sweet desserts? Steak ‘n Shake serves a few choices to go. While Chocolate Chip Cookie offers the least calories, you may opt for Strawberry Sundae that will not make you feel guilty. The chocolate cookie contains 20 calories with 10 fat, 25 carbohydrate and 2 protein. Meanwhile, Strawberry Sundae serves 30 calories, 15 fat, 40 carbohydrate and 4 protein.

  1. Beverages

As the name suggests, milkshakes become the specialty of Steak ‘n Shake restaurant. You can order a wide array of shakes including Banana Milkshake, Birthday Cake Milkshake, even Egg Nog Milkshake. Despite the fact that shakes typically contain high calories and carb, there are some choices to go.

Birthday Cake Milkshake in kids size serves 50 calories with 15 fat, 83 carb, and 12 protein. Or else, place order for White Chocolate Milkshake that provides you with 40 calories, 11 fat, 68 carb, and 11 protein for kids and regular size.

After knowing Steak and Shake nutrition, now it is far easier to place an order at the restaurant. Especially if you follow healthy diet, choose food items that will not make you feel guilty.

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