How to Get Nice Nails Naturally

How to Get Nice Nails Naturally – You can get nice and beautiful nails without visiting the salon. Especially if you are a busy woman who does not have time for regular treatment, you still have a chance to have nice nails. Or, if you want to avoid all the chemicals, you can forget the salon and start to take care of the nails by yourself.

Naturally beautiful nails begin from how you treat the nails on a daily basis instead of regular nail salon treatment. Well-balanced diet and good personal hygiene are among things to consider to maintain your nails’ beauty.

Tips to Get Beautiful and Nice Nails

You might dream of having astonishing nails that boost your confidence. Do you know? You don’t have to spend a lot of money to make the dream come true. These things can help you get beautiful nails without visiting the beauty salon.

  1. Cuticles treatment

How to Get Nice Nails Naturally

Most manicurists tell you that trimming the cuticles is the key to adorable nails. In fact, you should not cut the cuticles during a manicure. The cuticles serve as the barrier for bacteria. When you trim them, it may give you painful infections. Instead of trimming the cuticles, you can simply moisten and push them back using a cuticle pusher. If you want to cut a piece, make sure it is only the dead skin.

  1. Use moisturizer

Regular handwashing and using hand sanitizer can dry out your skin. Unfortunately, your nail bed is also affected. To keep the nails moisturized, make sure to rub lotion or oil not only into your hands but also into the nails and cuticles. Applying moisturizer after each wash helps keep your nails well-moisturized. Aside from regular lotion, coconut oil also works to moisturize your nails and cuticles.

  1. Buff your nails

Colorful nail polish looks fancy and irresistible. You may be tempted to color the nails but buffing the nails can be a great alternative. Buffing your nails give natural, clean and shiny look. When doing nails treatment at home, make sure not to file the nails back and forth as it can weaken the nails. File from the outside inward is the safest way.

  1. Well-balanced diet

How to Get Nice Nails Naturally

Do you know that diet can affect to the beauty of your nails? Diet is essential to maintain healthy and nice nails. As nails are part of your body, it absorbs anything you eat. Protein is essential for healthy and shiny nails. Omega-3 fatty acids are also recommended diet to maintain the nails. Consuming food with vitamin B helps reduce brittleness while calcium keeps them strong.

  1. Make homemade nail strengthener

If you want to avoid chemicals from nail products out there, you can make homemade nail strengthener. Mix together castor oil, wheat germ oil, and salt. Put them in a sealed bottle. For every treatment, rub a small amount of the mixture onto the nails. Leave for 5 minutes then wipe off. The mixture is enough for 30 applications. The ingredients are effective to keep your nails strong and shiny.

  1. Avoid harsh polish

When you decide to polish the nails, make sure to avoid using harsh polish. Some nail polish products use toxic chemicals such as formaldehyde, toluene, dibutyl phthalate, and camphor. The nasty chemicals can penetrate into your body and cause health problems, especially for long-term use. Be careful when reading the labels before purchasing. You can also opt for water-based polish for the safest alternative.

  1. Purchase a good remover

Choosing a safe nail polish product is not enough. You should also purchase a good remover that does not contain acetone. In fact, acetone can cause damage to your nails when it is used over and over again. Among many choices of remover with acetone, you can find acetone-free remover though it requires more efforts. This kind of remover is safer for your nails.

  1. Don’t clip the nails too short

One of common mistakes when giving a treatment to the nails is clipping them too short. It may give you a longer period for the next treatment but cutting them too short can lead to pain or infection. When you want to clip the nails, make sure to trim evenly and let a little of the nail tips. This keeps your nails healthy, not to mention gives longer nails.

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Habits That Are Bad for Nails

Doing the above tips helps give you healthy and gorgeous nails. But it won’t stay longer if you do these bad habits. There are some habits that are bad for nails but you keep doing it unconsciously. What are they? Check this out!

  • Nail biting

How to Get Nice Nails Naturally

Nail biting is among the bad habits that can destroy your nails. Biting can give long-term effects to the nails as it can lead to ridge formation. Besides, biting the nails is unsanitary for there is a dirt under your nails. The bacteria under the nails can cause problems to your health.

  • Picking at nail polish

Picking at nail polish seems fun but it is a big no-no. You might be tempted to pick the polish when it starts chipping. This bad habit actually can remove the top layer of nail bed and lead to weakened nails. Instead, you can use acetone-free nail polish remover.

  • Attacking cuticles

You may want to remove the cuticles and get an illusion of longer nails. Cut them using hands, teeth, or scissors should be the last thing you do to the nails. Forcing to remove the cuticles can cause ridging and infection. As a solution, use cuticle remover to remove the dead skin without attacking the healthy skin.

  • Leaving polish on too long

No matter how adorable your nail polish is, you should not leave it for too long. Wearing polish for weeks can cause dry nail beds. If you notice white spots on the nail bed, it indicates your nails are too dry.

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All in all, astonishing and nice nails do not always begin from the beauty salon. You can care for the nails and keep it looks beautiful by doing the tips above. Besides that, make sure to avoid the bad habits that can destroy the nails.

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